The Best Festival In Europe!


Looking for a festival to attend this summer? Then head to Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary! I first attended this festival 9 years ago, and although it has changed a lot over the years, I still love going back! The great thing about Sziget festival is that it’s not all just about the bands, although they do make it even more amazing. The atmosphere and the people that go to Sziget really make it what it is, along with all the different events and attractions dotted around the island.


The luminarium is just one of the many attractions at Sziget that you can visit in the day. Once you step inside, you are transported away from the busy festival atmosphere to a place of tranquillity and peacefulness. As well as the luminarium, you have the tarot maze, the ‘before I die…’ wall, street opera and the tarot maze to name a few!


The island is also decorated quite spectacularly with lots of random objects, like umbrellas and jellyfish. With the camping area often being lit up by mini lights. There are also many bars and mini nightclubs on the island, where you can enjoy some wine or beer or try a shot of palinka or unicum if you are feeling brave! The party will go on all night, if that is what you are looking for, although I always slept quite easily no matter what time I headed back to the tent. Sziget is also unique in sense of the facilities available, with a normal camping pass you have access to clean warm showers, as well as flushing toilets. The price of Sziget is also a lot less than your UK festivals, and a lot better value for money, especially for when it comes to purchasing food and drink!


Sziget is also conveniently situated in the heart of Budapest, with easy transport links right into the city centre, you can explore all the great things Budapest has to offer! From the thermal baths, to the castle district-Budapest has something for everyone!!

So what are you waiting for? Get booking your tickets to Sziget festival today! For a line up and prices, see Szigets official website.

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