Reasons to use Airbnb when travelling


I became aware of Airbnb last year, when I had bought my own property and was looking to rent out my spare room. As a host I have been extremely lucky, and only had one bad experience (which thankfully didn’t end too badly!). I have also booked two Airbnb properties when I have been travelling, and I couldn’t of been happier with the accommodation! Above is one of the photos from an amazing Airbnb I rented out in Bangkok, Thailand!

Here are some reasons to use Airbnb over hostels or hotels!
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The Best Locations For Group Holidays


I love nothing more than a holiday with friends! The key to a good group holiday, is to keep it as cheap as possible, as that means more people can afford to come. A good festival, activities or events is also a bonus, as people can split up to do what they want and reunite later on, without feeling the need to be part of the group all of the time.

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I recently tried surfing for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was something I had meant to try whilst in Australia, but due to a leg infection, I was unable to do so. Surfing in Scotland wasn’t something I had quite imagined for my first time, I had expected to try it somewhere a bit more exotic like Australia or Hawaii. The experience however was probably just as enjoyable as trying it in a sunnier climate. We were lucky to get a good day for our trip, and once we had our wetsuits on, you couldn’t tell we were in a much colder climate!

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Budapest for one week-Under £100 for flights and accommodation!


Have you ever considered exploring the capital of Hungary? If not, why not?! There is so much to see and do, and September is the perfect month to go and explore. Head in September and you will be missing the big crowds, but the weather will still be nice enough to enjoy the outdoor activities.

With flights from as little as £54 return from London, you can really grab yourself a bargain!

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The Best Festival In Europe!


Looking for a festival to attend this summer? Then head to Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary! I first attended this festival 9 years ago, and although it has changed a lot over the years, I still love going back! The great thing about Sziget festival is that it’s not all just about the bands, although they do make it even more amazing. The atmosphere and the people that go to Sziget really make it what it is, along with all the different events and attractions dotted around the island.

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