Frozen Lake Baikal, Russia


Lake Baikal situated near Irkutsk in Russia, is the perfect stopover on the transiberian railway. We opted to take a trip and stay on Olkhon island which is easily accessible from Irkutsk, in order to see the greatest fresh water lake in the world. It was declared a world heritage site back in 1996, and is certainly worth a visit in both summer and winter. Apparently in summer, swimming can give you vertigo due to the depth of the lake.


We stayed in Olgas homestay whilst on Olkhon island, which provided amazing meals and a comfortable place to rest our heads. Roaming the island are cows, cats and dogs-which makes it perfect for an animal lover like me!


If you visit in winter, you can book a tour that takes you over the lake in a bus or jeep. This is a unique experience that is worth every penny. Just remember to take your camera, for some amazing photo opportunities! If after a day on the ice, you still have some energy, a walk at sunset is highly recommended once back on Olkhon island.

olkohn island

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