Caves, Beaches and Watersports in Barbados


Last November myself, my partner and two good friends headed to Barbados to get some well deserved sunshine. With Thomas Cook now running direct flights from Glasgow, it seemed like too good an offer to give up. We were lucky to come across a private villa with pool in our price range, this proved to be the perfect base for our Barbados adventure!


Barbados is the perfect destination to try out water sports, and relax on the beach. Our first attempt at water sports was water skiing. Although the whole set up seemed a little bit dodgy with some random booking it for us, and then someone else turning up to take us, I have to say I was impressed by the time we were given and the cost. We paid about £25 each, and got a good 15 minutes. This was only my second time water skiing, but by my second try I was up and gliding across the sea.


Diving was another must in Barbados due to the clear blue sea. We had tried snorkelling earlier, where we had been lucky enough to see turtles, but it was very busy at the main beach, and the other beach we went to, did not have much to see. Diving on the other hand, was a great experience, where we saw turtles and apparently barracuda (I missed the barracuda somehow!). My boyfriend is a qualified diver, but since I am not a qualified diver, we had to go with an instructor. He was a bit over dramatic, however once the dive began he was no longer able to keep talking, so we were able to enjoy the peaceful dive. The highlight for me, was definitely the turtle, but the reef and other fishes were a great sight as well.


We couldn’t leave Barbados without some culture, so on our last day we visited Harrison caves. The tour around the caves takes about 40 minutes, and is suitable for everyone, as it is a small tram like vehicle that takes you around. The caves are very interesting and you do get the opportunity half way through to get out of the vehicle for a walk around and to take photos.

Video credit: Ian Walmsley

If I haven’t convinced you yet to head to Barbados, this video sums up our week long trip and will be sure to make you want to go!

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