Where to stay in Barbados


A few months ago when looking up deals for some winter sunshine, I came across a great deal on Holidaypirates to Barbados. The flights were coming in at £350 each directly from Glasgow, and since there were going to be 4 of us going, we were able to get our accommodation for the week for £150 each! Unfortunately I discovered that Thomas Cook flights are best avoided, but that’s for another post. The holiday was fantastic though, and our accommodation really made it. We hired a two bedroom bungalow on the West coast of Barbados called Bliss Villa which came with it’s own pool. Read more

Christmas Break in Budapest for under £75!


Looking for a winter city break? Why not discover Budapest in 3 days as described in my previous blog!

There are many options for cheap flights, but if you are looking at taken in the Christmas Markets, why not head in December around the 10th-14th December. Below are some flight options and accommodation options, to get you started! Read more

Reasons to use Airbnb when travelling


I became aware of Airbnb last year, when I had bought my own property and was looking to rent out my spare room. As a host I have been extremely lucky, and only had one bad experience (which thankfully didn’t end too badly!). I have also booked two Airbnb properties when I have been travelling, and I couldn’t of been happier with the accommodation! Above is one of the photos from an amazing Airbnb I rented out in Bangkok, Thailand!

Here are some reasons to use Airbnb over hostels or hotels!
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