Iceland for New Year

One of the best New Years I have had, has to be Iceland! Having spotted the deal on holidaypirates, myself and my friend instantly booked-never realising we would end up with a big group of friends coming with us! Having such a big group of my friends there, certainly helped in making it such a memorable New Year, however I do think even with a couple of people-you can make Iceland a New Year to remember.


Although Iceland can be very cold in winter, there are plenty opportunities to warm up, in the lagoons (the blue lagoon being the most famous) or in the hot tubs provided at many of the accommodation options. Not only do you have attractions like the blue lagoon, and endless activities like horse riding, Iceland also offers some amazing sunrises and scenery, as well as a chance of seeing the Northern lights!


The best part however has to be the fireworks at the bells! These went on for ages, and was one of the best fireworks displays I have ever seen! The fireworks and the crowds centre around Hallgrimskirkja Church.


Tips to cut down the cost

A lot of people pass on Iceland due to cost, but if you are clever with your money, it really isn’t that expensive! Some tips to cut down the costs are:-
1. Go in a large group, rent out hostel rooms or chalets-which work out cheaper than hotels
2. Buy your alcohol in the airport and drink in (good option if you have a large group)
3. Get self catering accommodation so you can eat in
4. Hire a car and split costs, if there are 4 or more of you!
5. Take in the scenery, rather than paying for tourist attractions if money is really tight. There are plenty things to do in Iceland that don’t cost a penny!

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