A Magical Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle


My friend and I rang in the bells for New Year in Munich, Germany this year. On top of both our to do lists whilst in Germany, was to visit the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ castle-Neuschwanstein. Situated in Barvaria, the castle is easily accessible from Munich. There are two different options for visiting the castle, the first being an organised tour and the second being the ‘do it yourself’ method.

We opted to make our own way, getting the train from Munich HBF towards Fussen, this journey takes roughly 2 hours and our train was pretty full, so I would suggest getting to the station early in order to get a seat. The cost of the train ticket was $14 each return. From Fuseen you then have to board the number 78 bus to the castles (this bus is included in your train ticket).


I would suggest booking tickets for inside the castle before you go, as we missed out on seeing the inside as tickets had just sold out when we arrived (12pm). However even without getting to see inside the castle, the outside is pretty spectacular, as you can see. There is a bus that you can get up to the castle for $2.60 return, which saves you quite a steep climb! Once you have departed the bus, you still have a little bit to walk.


The walk to the castle also includes a great view as shown above, and is a chance to get away from the crowds from the trains/buses which can be a relief. Back in Fussen, there are also a great number of restaurants to fill up with before your journey back to Munich!

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