See Peru in 2 Weeks

When looking into itineraries for my trip to Peru, I was really struggling to find an itinerary that suited our needs as we only had 2 weeks to see as much of Peru as possible. With long bus journeys between locations, it almost seemed impossible. Thankfully I took the risk and squeezed a 3 week itinerary into 2 weeks, and it all worked out perfectly! Granted it would of been nice to have a few extra days, but I don’t feel we were too rushed in any part of our trip. Below is how we managed to fit it all into 2 weeks!

Day 1- Lima

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Where have all the penises gone in Rome?!


I was lucky enough for Christmas to receive the gift of a trip to Rome from my boyfriend. We had a great few days in Rome (despite the torrential rain) but one thing that we started to question as we toured the museums, is where did all the penises go?! Some of the statues used a leaf to cover their dignity however some seemed to have their penis sliced off completely. One of our first theories was that the penis had fallen off during transit to the museum, since the testicles still remained in tack, however we soon disregarded this theory when we realised how many statues were missing this vital body part. Read more

Frozen Lake Baikal, Russia


Lake Baikal situated near Irkutsk in Russia, is the perfect stopover on the transiberian railway. We opted to take a trip and stay on Olkhon island which is easily accessible from Irkutsk, in order to see the greatest fresh water lake in the world. It was declared a world heritage site back in 1996, and is certainly worth a visit in both summer and winter. Apparently in summer, swimming can give you vertigo due to the depth of the lake.
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A Magical Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle


My friend and I rang in the bells for New Year in Munich, Germany this year. On top of both our to do lists whilst in Germany, was to visit the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ castle-Neuschwanstein. Situated in Barvaria, the castle is easily accessible from Munich. There are two different options for visiting the castle, the first being an organised tour and the second being the ‘do it yourself’ method.
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Where to go for New Year!

Photo Credit: Jen Mayer

The New Year is fast approaching, and it may seem too late to make plans, but do not fear there are still some cheap deals available out there. With so many different countries celebrating the New Year in style, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the best place. Here is a list of the best places in Europe to spend New Year and some suggestions on how to do it on a budget!
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Where to stay in Barbados


A few months ago when looking up deals for some winter sunshine, I came across a great deal on Holidaypirates to Barbados. The flights were coming in at £350 each directly from Glasgow, and since there were going to be 4 of us going, we were able to get our accommodation for the week for £150 each! Unfortunately I discovered that Thomas Cook flights are best avoided, but that’s for another post. The holiday was fantastic though, and our accommodation really made it. We hired a two bedroom bungalow on the West coast of Barbados called Bliss Villa which came with it’s own pool. Read more

Iceland for New Year

One of the best New Years I have had, has to be Iceland! Having spotted the deal on holidaypirates, myself and my friend instantly booked-never realising we would end up with a big group of friends coming with us! Having such a big group of my friends there, certainly helped in making it such a memorable New Year, however I do think even with a couple of people-you can make Iceland a New Year to remember. Read more

Three Days in Budapest

Video shot and created by Ian Walmsley

I now consider Budapest, Hungary my second home, however making time to visit Budapest and fit in trips to see the rest of the world has been getting more difficult with work commitments. Budapest for a long weekend therefore seemed like a good idea and thankfully for me my friend Ashley and my boyfriend Ian were up for the trip. It really is quite surprising what you can fit into such a short space of time. We arrived late on the Friday night (around 7pm), and departed on the Tuesday, which left us only 3 full days. If you are looking for a cheap city break-this really is the one for you and here is how you can easily fit everything into a three day itinerary.
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